Eclipse(R2) configure egit

Recently, I want to check out projects from git repo in Eclipse. Thus, I need to install git plugin for eclipse. When I installed it, I came cross some issues. Here I note down them for future reference.

Eclipse Version

Luna Service Release 2 (4.4.2)

Step 1: download egit

We use the normal way to download the plugin. That is Help -> Install New SoftWare. However, we had better watch out here. Because Eclipse has its counterpart egit version. We can infer to this website What versions of Eclipse does EGit target? Then we can install the matching version. Due to the Eclipse Version, we download Egit 3.4.2.

We paste the downloading url into repository location, then click next until the end.

After that, we have installed the egit, we can use it later.

Step 2: check out codes from git repo

File -> import -> git